Iper Business is a database that contains information of the complete Norwegian Busiess overview on both private and public sector. If you are planning a B2B marketing activity we have the tools either you need to identify your target group, if you need to combine your own data with prospect data from Iper, or if you need to update or append your existing lists of business customers with information from the Iper database. Iper Business also contains information on size, geography, industry coding or key figures.

Selection options

Several possibilities exists when we identify target groups B2B. Below you can find the most usual options. There are also extra sets of data available and there is always the possibility to identify your existing customers through matching and then use the result as a basis for the selection. The match can also be used for supressing your own data from the target group.

Industry Code Iper uses the European international standard for classification: NACE.

Sector Sometimes the need to communicate to a certain sector arise. Iper Business can be divided into the following sectors: private, municipal, regional and state sector.

Chains Iper has its own Chain-database based on information from the chains themselves. If you need to contact certain units in a chain Iper can deliver this specific information.

Size The most common criteria on size is number of employees or turnover. Turnover is often not available in the public sector so the number of employees can then be the most relevant criteria. In certain cases companies with quite high turnover has no employees. Iper has extensive experience in defining target groups based on size and can help you specify the selection that works for you.

Key figures Iper can select on a large variety of key figures. The most common is turnover. In addition we can select on EBIT, equity, dividend, assets, debt and more.